MANGO Chain's Announcement on Investor Relations

MANGO Chain was founded in March 2019, and its main team is experts and scholars from India, Russia, South Korea and other countries. We are committed to the development of the underlying public Chain of the block Chain. The MANGO Chain's vision is "to make interaction more efficient and finance simpler". We have received the investment and help from angel investors from India, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries to jointly develop the Dapp construction based on the MANGO Chain main Chain ecological environment, adhering to an open, sustainable, stable, win-win attitude and interactive cooperation with global users. Recently, some users and investors reported that MI* FOUNDATION (hereinafter referred to as MI* FOUNDATION in Chinese) used some business projects to confuse the relationship with MANGO Chain, which involved false propaganda and misleading users. We hereby make the following explanation through media platforms in China, India and South Korea:

1. In October 2019, MANGO Chain received strategic investment from MIO FOUNDATION;
2. On January 6, 2020, MANGO Chain publicly obtained the financing information from media of gold finance and other countries.
3. MIO FOUNDATION is the institutional investor of MANGO Chain, but it does not participate in technology development and operation management. The two sides only have strategic investment partnership.
4. MANGO Chain token MGP used in MIO FOUNDATION activities is its investment income, and it has the right to legally sell and use it again according to the announcement;
5. In addition to being an institutional investor of MANGO Chain, MIO FOUNDATION has nothing to do with its own business.
6. MANGO Chain welcomes global investors and users to pay attention to and participate in the ecological construction of Dapp, and stick to fairness, openness and win-win.
7. We respect any investor's help and support for MANGO Chain, and also ask all investors to respect and understand MANGO Chain's legal and compliant management demands;
8. MGP is currently only traded on the BKEX exchange, and no other institutions are authorized to trade MGP.
9. MANGO Chain will, as always, promote the technology upgrade and user service of the platform in the white paper announcement, and continuously improve the value of MGP ecological application and circulation, so as to build the maximum value consensus for global users.
Related details, please continue to pay attention to the MANGO Chain website, is hereby announced.